Werk, werk

Update on life:

  • ORD tomorrow (!!!), brought forward from the 24th. The countdown timer’s gone, having served its function, but…
  • Work starts Monday, and the even more depressingly long work-off-the-bond countdown begins. The length of this one’s too intimidating to make a countdown timer for it.
  • Took a secondary-level Math test for future NIE Math teachers — passed, thankfully, but I’m sure barely so. How the hell did I know all this stuff 9 years ago?
  • By passing the test, I don’t have to go for the Math “content upgrading module” next week — wah, like Army like that. Pass already get two days off. Can’t complain, really, who else starts work with two paid days of break?
  • Week after that, month-long attachment in schools. This could mean trouble.
  • Way too much poker on weekends. Quote: “We’ve been playing poker like everyday!!!” — i.e., every time we meet up on weekends — “No lah, we didn’t play Sunday through Thursday…” Oh, my brain hurts.
  • Uhhh… not much else, really. This is why I don’t mention the personal life much, it bores even me.

I’m sure there’ll be more nonsense coming up.

Just one more thing I need to mention…

ORD loh!!!!!

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  1. No idea for another year. Attachment will probably be at a secondary school, I’m guessing…

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