In between overloading on TV

Just a quick entry to sum up the odds and ends I’d been intending to write about but kept getting distracted by a rapid succession of Veronica Mars episodes:

  • I hadn’t noticed until the latest iPhoto update broke something, but Keyword Assistant for iPhoto has been updating pretty regularly. Luckily, the author has a RSS feed (here) for updates — that’s normal enough, the feed goes into my NetNewsWire list with Adium, ecto, Saft, etc. What’s particularly cool, however, is how the Keyword Assistant feed actually uses enclosures (normally used for delivering podcasts) to include the actual software being updated. Hence, any reader checking their feed with a compatible newsfeed program can easily download the updated program like they would a podcast (instead of “our program’s been updated, click here to go to a page to download it”, as is usually the case). Coolness! Blindingly obvious, when you think about it, and an amazing use of RSS technology.
  • The rest of the life: I cleared out my desk at work on Thursday — not something one gets to do often, hopefully, much less in one’s fifth week of work. Granted, it’s because my school attachment had finally ended. At least now the kids I was teaching will resume getting a real education and not my unprepared nonsense.
  • NIE term proper starts next week (after this week’s orientation-ish activities). The timetable is nice and loose, with big gaping four-hour holes between classes perfect for afternoon naps. No free days, though, but only one day starts at 8.30, so I think I can get by without overdosing on too much caffeine. (He says now, unsuspectingly…)
  • I’ll be moving on-campus sometime soon… maybe this weekend, or earlier. Since I’ll be rooming with good ol’ Mal/Kekdil/Block, there’s really no reason not to make your way to the remotest corner of Singapore just to visit. If you have a car, anyway. If not, uhh, you can sleep on our floor and risk getting fined $7 a night, unless you’re also living in the Hall, in which case we’ll all get evicted. It’s a real rule (see 7c).

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