Piecing it together

So, as previously mentioned, I’d been assigned to the school my dad’s teaching at for my pre-NIE School Experience.

I didn’t make any particular effort to hide this fact from anyone, but my dad hid the family photos on his desk the day before I arrived, triggering some suspicion from a colleague (who happens to be an ex-student of my mom’s, and I do resemble my mom quite a bit). Somewhere along the way, though, most of the staff have figured it out. It’s not very hard when we arrive in the same car every morning, and I sometimes drive my dad’s car home if my mom needs a ride somewhere (although a colleague did ask him, with a bit of concern, “Did you see that trainee teacher take your laptop and drive your car off?!”).

Now, however, some of the students seem to know too — especially this one kid who works at his family’s restaurant nearby (highly recommended, it’s that cze char / seafood restaurant at one end of the block where Casuarina Roti Prata is). He must’ve seen me there with my dad before or something.

Earlier this week, he randomly asked me: “Are you Mr Soon’s son?”

“What other surname do you expect my father to have?”

It’s my third-to-last day at the school, though, and an altogether rather pleasant experience (apart from the late-night lesson planning due to my usual procrastinating habits). At the very least, it’s been quite educational, and maybe NIE classes won’t be so boring if I have real experiences to relate them to.

7 thoughts on “Piecing it together

  1. Earlier this week, he randomly asked me: “Are you Mr Soon’s son?”

    “What other surname do you expect my father to have?”


    There are many father and sons relationships out there that do not have same surname.. hee hee..

  2. Hey.. this doesn’t really belong here but you don’t have a chatterbox! anyway, this is Jimmy.. from Stanford, remember? Was just surfing here from tomorrow.. then figured out that you’re yee jiun right? :> Just dropping a hi!

  3. Hey yj.
    wrong place, but you dun have a chatterbox! Anyway, this is Jimmy, from stanford. Was surfing here from tomorrow when i suddenly realised that you’re yee jiun! Very interesting anecdote here.. heh. I mean the one about the trainee teacher taking your dad’s laptop and car.. : >

  4. Dude, sorry to disappoint, but I’m not Yee Jiun (though admittedly, our surnames and initials are awfully close). Haven’t heard from him in two years, but I understand he’s still in the Bay Area. 🙂

  5. I’m reeeaaally not sure you want to keep a blog as a teacher. At least you have to take some extraordinary measures not to let your students find out about your blog.

  6. nothing wrong with a teacher keeping a blog. I’ve had mine for 2 years… and yes, my colleagues and pupils are aware of it and do drop by time to time!

    and hmm… i blog about everything! who cares? we’re human aren’t we?

    sorry yj, for intruding. hee. popped by here from tomorrow.sg.

    enjoy ur teaching career! ur dad shld know better. cheers!

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