Random things that please me

My favourite sitcom Scrubs finally got nominated for the Emmys — Best Comedy and Best Comedy Lead Actor for Zach Braff. Granted, the former is really only because heavyweights Friends, Sex and the City and Frasier have finally gone away, but it’s nice to see this smartly-written comedy finally get some attention it deserves. The latter nomination is probably an extension of Braff’s success in Garden State, but it’s a start. Pity John C. McGinley (the absurdly sarcastic Dr. Cox) didn’t get nominated in the supporting comedy actor category, instead losing out to hacks like Will and Grace‘s Sean Hayes. Seriously, what the hell is that?!

Other random thing: Baybeats tomorrow will actually feature Concave Scream, my favourite local band. Holy shit! I thought they’d disappeared years ago. I remember buying Erratic in JC, and I couldn’t get enough of their post-punk-tense-rock (or however you’d describe it — somewhat New Model Army, I say). After I got back from the US, Eek and I spent hours trying to locate their MP3s because I’d lost my original CD. Finally, I managed to order it again through mp3.com before it shut down, and also found their next album, Three, at Audiophile. Excellent stuff still.

Somewhat drained from the week, really. One has to take the random pleasing things as they show up…