The new Javascript countdown timer

I got a couple of requests for a version of the bond countdown timer that’d work with Blogger or any other non-self-hosted blogging system.

Here it is, with comments and all too. See, two years of teaching programming style haven’t gone down the drain. Much.

<script type=""text/javascript">

function formatAsMoney(mnt) { mnt -= 0; mnt = (Math.round(mnt100))/100; return (mnt == Math.floor(mnt)) ? mnt + '.00' : ( (mnt10 == Math.floor(mnt*10)) ? mnt + '0' : mnt); } // from


Simple script that writes out a line of text with how many days of bond left to go, and how much it's worth right now if paid up. E.g. "1870 days and $496250.40 left to go". Extremely depressing.

Variables to change:

enddate: The end date of the bond, assuming a full (4/6/8-year) bond.

enddate_discount: The end date of the bond assuming it's completed. Applies only to those who serve full-time NS and have half of that counted towards the bond (usually 10 months), or teachers whose NIE term isn't counted unless they complete the bond.

startdate: First day of work.

bond: Bond value with interest and LD. Assumes a linear depreciation of an already-compounded bond value with liquidated damages. The amount signed on the contract can be used as a rough estimate.

OPTIONAL -- nowdate: Change to a date in the future e.g. nowdate = new Date("June 20, 2009"); to see how much to pay at that point of time.


var enddate = new Date("June 20, 2011"); var enddate_discount = new Date("August 20, 2010"); // Uncomment this following line if end date is fixed: // enddate_discount = enddate; var startdate = new Date("June 20, 2005"); var bond = 500000;

var nowdate = new Date(); ms1 = enddate_discount - nowdate; days = Math.floor(ms1 / 86400000); // from millisecs to days

document.write(days); document.write(" days and ");

total = enddate - startdate; ms2 = enddate - nowdate; rem = formatAsMoney(ms2 / total * bond);

document.write("$"); document.write(rem); document.write(" left to go");


To use, copy and paste the entire section into anywhere you want the words "x days and $y left to go" to show up, making sure to customise the variables for your own situation — bond value and the start and end dates. If there’s an error, let me know by email or on the comments.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hi, Could you possibly do one that just counts down to a spesific date in the future – i want to post in on my site -how many days, minutes and sec. before i get married in nov 06 – thanks!

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