Chrome for iOS

I’m currently firmly welded to using Chrome on the desktop, thanks to (a) [Vrome](, a Vim keybindings extension for Chrome and the poor (and less insane) man’s [Vimperator]([Pentadactyl](, and (b) [Shortcut Manager](, which allows me to assign random Javascript to keyboard shortcuts (great for bookmarklets to send the page to sites/apps like Pocket, Gimme Bar, Evernote and MarsEdit).

As such, I was a little concerned about having to switch back to Safari because I really like the new iCloud tabs sync feature in iOS 6 and Mountain Lion. The new Safari’s Omnibar retains focus after search, which prevents me from using my [J/K keyboard shortcuts](, and I’d have to go back to putting my Javascript bookmarklets in the bookmarks bar and trying to remember which number corresponds to which site.

Thank goodness then for Chrome for iOS, just announced today, with tab sync and easy tab navigation. I’m sold. Two things that bother me, though:

* The icon follows Google’s standard iOS “slap the desktop icon onto a black background” motif, which doesn’t quite fit in the Dock with “fuller” icons like Messages and Mail. I would have loved to see something more interesting that made full use of the roundrect. I did a quick (terrible) mockup [here](
* There’s an extra, and fairly useless, row of keyboard icons when you bring up the URL bar, which gives easy access to :, ., -, / and .com. This feels odd: first, these characters aren’t that difficult to access; second, isn’t the point of the Omnibar to encourage you to search, and not type URLs?
* Worse, on the iPad, the extra row of keyboard icons are non-Retina. CANNOT UNSEE NOW ARGH