New Chickens, June – August

So, umm, yeah, I forgot to cross-post these like I said I would. Here are some. Personal favourites have a star (or, depending on your computer / browser, a white rectangle) next to them.

Inspired to draw

I’ve realised it takes quite a bit of discipline to draw stupidchicken on a regular basis. Yes, I usually just end up taking existing drawings, making small modifications, adding some senseless text and pretending it’s funny. It’s still tiring. Be quiet.

This last half-year of doing the webcomic has been quite rewarding, though. I’ve set up a Facebook page for it (factoid: biggest fanbase – teenage girls from the UK. Go figure), and a nice commenter went “love these comics, really make my day, keep it up!”. A nice comment! On the Internet! Probably a sarcastic troll. Anyway, thanks, nice commenter or sarcastic troll. I’ll keep it up as long as I can.

I also found drearyweary recently. The creator is a Singaporean comic artist who does some really, really amazing work, and he posts entire long (and coherent) comicbooks online (Creative Commons licensed, even). I need to buy some of his stuff, if I can find it. I’m really enjoying The Resident Tourist – it’s a (presumably) autobiographical story about the life of a returning Singaporean who feels displaced in his home country. Speaks to me more than a little, I guess. And the crisp art is just awfully impressive.



Evil Tofu is a character from the webcomic, who showed up here and here. Drawn for Toru, my evil friend who’s in Nairobi or Narnia or something.

New chickens, April – May

I seem to be averaging five comics a month, which is not quite twice-weekly but not too shabby I guess. Also, working in some longer-term plot points, but don’t hold out for a coherent storyline or anything.


Haven’t quite been keeping up with the twice-weekly schedule, but I try my best. I also have a Twitter account for stupidchicken where I post chicken-related tweets. Ha! Chicken-related tweets. I’m so amusing.

New chickens

Two months since I announced regular updates to the webcomic (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and I’ve only missed one. That’s quite acceptable, I think, and it was for another project which turned out quite well.

I’ll probably write about that at some point. Meanwhile–


I managed to rush out today’s new stupidchicken comic only an hour before my self-imposed deadline. I imagine this will become more common as work gets busier, but I’m glad this Wednesday-Saturday update schedule is forcing me to be disciplined about drawing regularly. 

New chickens since the last update (also, you can subscribe to stupidchicken by email or RSS!):


Before the internet grew up and ate all my free time, I doodled a lot. I bought reams of white A4 paper, laid on the floor, drew with my cheap fountain pen while dreaming up all kinds of ridiculous story arcs, left my drawings all over the house, and got yelled by my mom who threw away the drawings. This sequence, repeated regularly until I enlisted, made me happy. I even entertained thoughts of drawing and making comics for a living, half-aware that I really didn’t have the talent or patience for it.

At 19, I was being interviewed by the Public Service Commission for the scholarship (in engineering — math is easier than art, after all), and they asked what I would like to be doing in ten years’ time. I told them, all earnest and naive, that I’d really like to be drawing comics. I can’t remember what their reaction was — maybe I couldn’t see their bewilderment through my nervousness — but I remember my scholarship officer mentioning a year later that she had heard about it, and found it funny. Seemed to me it had gone around the office that some kid had dared to tell the PSC he wanted to draw comics! Not serve the public good! Just wait till he comes back and serves his bond!

So now, it’s ten years later, and I really want to draw some comics so I can tell the 19-year-old version of me that I didn’t mess up his dreams too badly. 


Also, I spent $500 on my new tablet, so I’d better use the hell out of it.

Chicken vs. Shot Put


Some Things To Mention In Point Form.

  • Going to start posting comics on flickr as well. Go there for high-resolution (rather, super grainy) versions.
  • Related to above, from the left side of the page: “You’re the only person who has used “stupidchicken” as a tag.” YEAH I’M SO ORIGINAL WOO
  • The comics-only page is now accessible at
  • Sooner or later I will make a comics-only blog.
  • (Bet on later.)
  • Recent turn of events have made me so annoyed I can’t even begin to describe how much I want to kick a small animal or two right now.

That is all.

Chicken vs. Shoes

It’s been a year, but we’re back!


Experimenting with new lazy method — draw on whiteboard, take picture, touch up image, post. The uneven lighting and levels are very frustrating, though, so I might have to dig out the tablet..