Ants invented TCP/IP

Stanford Engineering:

A forager won’t return to the nest until it finds food. If seeds are plentiful, foragers return faster, and more ants leave the nest to forage. If, however, ants begin returning empty handed, the search is slowed, and perhaps called off.

They’re stronger than us, more plentiful, and now we find out they invented the Internet. I’d start making offerings to our future ant overlords, but they already eat half the cat food in my kitchen now so what’s the point.

To protect your personal interests

HSBC’s [login page](!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLN443MfYHSZnFm8Ybm-pHmsUbxpv6eECEDOIdESJB-gW5oRHljoqKACcsjaA!?__menuType=__REGISTRATION&__Destination=HUB_IDV_CUSTOMER_MIGRATION&__IWLang=en&__IWCountry=US&__registrationType=PIB-Registration):

Screen Shot 2012 05 29 at 6 59 35 AM

“To protect your personal interests, repeated incorrect submissions of your Password or Security Code will disable your access to Internet Banking.”

Clearly, my _‘personal interests’_ include:

* Calling to reset my password
* Yelling at customer service reps, then feeling guilty because it’s not their fault
* Allowing other people to easily lock me out of my account if they know my user ID, or if they’re annoyed enough at having been locked out that they write a script to guess all possible user IDs and then proceed to lock them out to prove a point not that I’m doing that right now really
* Being generally annoyed as fuck