What’s with all the chickens, Part 2

Since the first Antagonistic Chicken comic has been bumped into the third page of the archives at this point, and I’ve been getting questions on “what the hell is going on with that chicken you keep drawing”, I thought I should explain a little on what it’s all about.

Simply put: nothing. It really doesn’t make any sense, and it’s not supposed to. If you want a summary, sure:

‘A chicken yells “CHICKEN!” at various things that are (one would think) quite obviously not chickens.’

That is all. Enjoy.

What’s with all the chickens, Part 1: Why this happened

2 thoughts on “What’s with all the chickens, Part 2

  1. What is with all these chickens!!!!!!! Allthough they are pretty funny! 🙂 MAKE MORE!!!!!! there so funny!

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